Dating my elgin pocket watch

The Illinois Watch Case Company was a major manufacture in the city of Elgin, Illinois. Click here for an explanation and example of how to use our serial number tables. Click here for instructions on how to identify and open most common case types.

dating my elgin pocket watch-66

To ensure you repinned the hairspring at the same point, there's a 'witness mark', by the green arrow.

Note also the gouges and crow-pecks in the foot of the balance cock to raise it for more endshake (blue arrow) The balance is put in place in the jewel, with the hairspring in the regulator, then you carefully feed the hairspring through the hole in the stud.

Next, you feed it through till it reaches the witness mark, then insert the pin from the coil side. Unlike most full plate watches, the barrel is not removable once the plates are together. So, we have to put the whole train in before installing the upper plate. The smaller barrel bridge screw just threads into the upper plate.

Notice that there are only 3 pillars, versus the usual 4. As always,check all the pivots are in place before tightening down the screw. The hole next to the barrel arbor exposes the click.

I wound it up a few clicks, and sure enough, the pallet flicked to the opposite bank with a gentle nudge, in either direction.

Since the balance staff is irretrievably bent, AND there are no cases to fit it, this breaks my heart! The Illinois Watch Company produced watches under contract for several different brands, including Burlington Watch Company (Chicago, Illinois) which operated primarily as a mail-order business, and Santa Fe Watch Company (Topeka, Kansas). Hamilton continued producing Illinois watches in the Hamilton factory until 1939.The company began operation two years later in 1866 in Elgin, Illinois,...During Elgin's first decade, in addition to 18s keywound watches like the BW Raymond and others (see Luis Casilla's excellent presentation), Elgin also made 10s women's keywound watches, and for a while, 17s keywinders.The hands go on like all hands, with the following caveat - you need to determine where the minute hand is, relative to the corners of the key square on top of the cannon pinion. Unfortunately, I had set the hour hand off just a little.

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