Dating phoneline

Virgin is able to do this because the company owns its own cable network and has full control over what it chooses to sell you.

Unfortunately, Virgin's network has far less coverage than Openreach, and is currently only available in around 65% of UK homes.

- A new telephone cable is being laid under the Irish Sea to give Dublin a direct connection with the English telephone system for the first time.

The announcement in the House of Commons in London that the cable will be operational within three months has been warmly welcomed by businessmen in Dublin.

These services often come with significant restrictions to availability, affordability or capability.

There are a number of smaller, specialist providers that can supply you with a broadband without a phone line.

Satellite broadband uses a dish rather than cables, and is mostly aimed at rural homes where the broadband infrastructure is lacking.

The speed of satellite broadband services tends to be comparable to those of standard broadband packages, and slower than fibre.

Since you now have a clear dial tone, it looks like interference was the cause.

To avoid this problem in the future, rearrange your other equipment to minimize interference while maintaining convenience.

Once your home is 'passed' by fibre, you can often pay a relatively affordable (when compared to the cost of digging up long stretches of road) installation fee to have your home connected, although you may have to dig your own trench or pay an additional fee for the provider to do this for you.

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