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Subsequently, Charlotte has a troubled relationship with her cold, ruthless mother, and is torn between keeping her family together and trying to break away from them.In the episode "Duplicity," it is revealed that Victoria often questions whether she should have had Charlotte.

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The legal daughter of Conrad and Victoria Grayson, Charlotte is actually the result of her mother's affair with David Clarke.

She has an older half-brother, Daniel Grayson, and an older half-sister, Amanda Clarke.

Hurt, Charlotte breaks off communication with her mother for a time and begins acting out.

Later during season one, Emily and Charlotte share a closer relationship, as Charlotte sometimes goes to Emily when she is having family troubles.

Emily changes her plan to expose Charlotte's paternity after seeing Charlotte and Conrad getting on the right track again.

When Charlotte's paternity is revealed, Emily is deeply saddened that Charlotte has found out in the worst way possible.

She was also a substance abuser and, as the seasons progress, she becomes increasingly emotionally unstable.

Charlotte is the youngest daughter in both the Grayson and Clarke families.

She stays there the whole winter and misses her mother's funeral, but convinces Conrad to let her go to Victoria's memorial service. Charlotte tells her counselor that Emily has been sending her postcards from around the world, and she begs Emily to come to the memorial, unless it would be too awkward because of the relationship between Daniel and Ashley.

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