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Harry Matthews married Geza Revitzkys daughter and their two sons were active in the business until 1975.

Frank Foresthers son, Louis, was also active in the company from 1939 until his death in 1956.

The story is that each foreman made and appropriated a few extra knife pars before ending each days work.

They then used the parts to assemble their own knives and sold them under the brand Queen City Cutlery Company.

Robeson is another famous old brand occasionally used on Queen-made pocketknives since 1995.

The Robeson name is owned by sister company Ontario Knife, which acquired Robeson Cutlery Company in 1971.

In 1984, the companys primary tang stamp was changed to a crowned “Q, with the tail of the Q in the form of a knife.

This marking is still in use today, and has been accompanied with a date stamp since 1990.

In 1969, Queen City was sold to Servotronics, Inc., a manufacture of electronic components based in Elma, New York.

Servotronics also owns Ontario Knife Company of Franklinville, New York, a company known primarily for fixed blade military and sporting knives and edged tools, and for its ubiquitous “Old Hickory” line of kitchen knives.

Queen Cutlery also produces collector-grade knives under the famous Schatt & Morgan brand, as it has since 1991.

Ironically, these knives are produced in the same factory as the original Schatt & Morgan, and probably using some of the same equipment.

Since Queen Cutlery Company resides in that same Titusville factory to this day, so the story of Queen Cutlery Company really began with its predecessor, Schatt & Morgan.

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