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The main site has evolved over many years and is currently known as BAe Systems Warton.Originally constructed as emergency divert field for RAF Bomber Command and USAAF 8 AF aircraft during WW II; postwar usage by Bomber Command until 1948.

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Station was returned to MOD in 1993 following departure of last USAF personnel.

Now Bentwaters Parks, home to Bentwaters Cold War Museum.

Originally part of RAF Warton, but when the main Airfield site was sold to the English Electric Company in 1947, one of the outlying sites was designated as RAF Lytham, and was used as a Transit Camp and for Medical Training.

This site closed in 1956, with the Medical Training Unit moving to another nearby site with the designated name of RAF Freckleton.

Part of the site is retained by the Ministry of Defence and leased to the Met Office.

Since 2004, Castle Kennedy has been made available for use General Aviation and commercial use within the applicable regulations.

Now RRH Portreath, a remote Radar Head Originally established in WW1 as a Night Landing Ground for 39 (Home Defence) Sqn of the RFC it was operational from April 1916 to November 1918.

The location was reused in an enlarged state as an airfield in October 1940 and operational until mid-1946, whence it returned to agriculture.

Former military housing refurbished to create Wicken Green Village Formerly an Armament Practice Camp established 1 September 1926, from 1932 renamed RAF Sutton Bridge, closed 1958, airfield landsite transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture and continues to be used by the Potato Council as an agricultural experiment station.

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