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Packaged, already shelled peanuts from Planters, Lance and Tom’s began showing up at country stores and filling stations where the familiar contour bottle of Coke was already being sold.

After the runners are cheered in, the festivities begin.

The stage is always abuzz with music, laughter, and entertainment that defies logic.

Southerners in the United States are a unique and eccentric group, as evidenced by the fact that we will fry anything that will hold still long enough and our favorite sport is watching a bunch of guys and a girl drive 200 miles an hour while making a continuous left turn.

When snack time rolls around, you might see your Southern friends do something else a little unusual.

The parade is a perennial crowd favorite culminating in the crowing of the King and Queen of the Festival.

The coronation is followed by games for all ages and the grand finale – the cutting of the World’s Largest Moon Pie – free dessert for all!

of course when when we won we would buy more RC Cola with it.

Growing up in DC at 9yrs old, there was a summer commercial that showed teens laying on the beach with transistor radios playing "RC cools off the hot town" the camera cuts to a Santa Monica Freeway sign with heatwaves coming off the gridlocked freeway.

I asked every non-Southerner I could find about putting peanuts in a bottle of , and was universally met with a head-cocked, bewildered look.

Folks from Texas to the Carolinas partake in the sweet, salty goodness, while the custom seems to peter out in Virginia and disappears entirely by Maryland.

C., just the mention of peanuts and Coke makes him break into a wide grin as he revs up the way-back machine.

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