Dating sites in shenzhen

They hide behind fake profiles to lure people into upgrading to a paid membership.(screenshot of a real review who gave the site a 1 out of 5 rating.) "This next screenshot we talked was from another reviewer stating that the models are hired to create multiple accounts"."The first review states that for all you honest people out there this is a sham website. We've come across this complaint time and time again where the photos look as if they're professional models leading us to believe that this reviewer was correct in his assumption that these were in fact models.

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In fact all dating reviews that we do we never upload a photograph in our profile page and just like the reviewer has mentioned we always get an abundance of email messages from women on the site. Even if you don't have a profile picture in your profile you will still receive messages on fake dating services.

This is because they use computer software bots to send people automated.

This is not to be taken lightly because this is the truth.

There are many dating sites that have paid employees who act and pretend to be the women in the profiles.

(Screenshot of the bogus females members on the site.) Asia Charm does confess to creating profiles on their own dating service.

They even tell us that these profiles are created and even operated by their own employees just as the reviewers above have stated.Why would Asia be using a support email address for Victoria unless they are owned by the same individuals!The reason this is a big deal is because our investigation of Victoria Hearts concluded that Victoria Hearts isn't a legitimate mail order bride site to meet Russian and Ukrainian women.Our investigation answer any questions you might have regarding if this site is real or if it's fake. One of the things that stuck out as a huge red flag while investigating Asian Charm was the fact that it was connected to many dating sites that we've already exposed as being ficticious.Some of the sites include Victoria, and Victoria, Romance, and Victoria The person then goes onto to say that " these are paid employees they are not real people in the profiles".

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