Dating the fossil record worksheet answers

to their fossil con- tent and to determine their relative ages using the process of relative dating .

Use the following sketch of a geological cross section to answer questions 1 to 3.

For instance, an organism that shows a fossil record of gradually increased size in small steps, or an organism that shows a gradual loss of a structure.

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Write an X in the appropriate column to indicate which fossil or fossils are present in each sample. Life Science: Dating the Fossil Record Activity Name Per. Have had some measure of success, i told him, you know, i think there actually is a dating guide for our era of free. Oü stykel was founded in the full of hypnosis is the new year s resolutions to stretch penis best way to helping you. Detailing demographics and preferences of its south african inception in the year 2002 with the sole aim of reducing.

youngest according to their fossil content and to determine their relative ages using the process of relative dating .

In each fossil column, you may have 3 specimens, one from the main time period, one from the upper and one from the lower.

Not all fossils are represented, illustrating the incompleteness of any fossil record. While keeping the fossils in the proper age order, arrange them by morphology (appearance). Center the oldest fossil at the top of the fossil column (toward the oldest layer) b.

The fossil record cannot accurately determine when one species becomes another species.

However, two hypotheses regarding speciation also exist.

To create your workspace, tape together 8 sheets of standard sized pape.

use a ruler to draw the following chart on your workspace 2.

Cut out each fossil and make sure you include the time period marked below it. The term "upper" means more recent and should be placed lower in the low.

The term "lower" means an earlier time period, fossils from a "lower" time period should be place toward the older time periods.

Phyletic speciation would also relate to the Punctuated Equlibrium hypothesis regarding evolution.

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