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mishkal), from which the term *shekel is apparently derived.

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Job describes kings and counselors "who filled their houses with silver" (Job. Among biblical figures of speech and similes based on silver is: "Your silver is become dross" (Isa.

), i.e., the very valuable metal is transformed into something worthless like the slag formed during its reduction. Copper mines in the ancient Near East were located in Cyprus (from which the name copper is apparently derived), Sinai, and Egypt.

Six metals are mentioned in the Bible and in many passages they are listed in the same order: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, and lead. The metals are referred to in various contexts, including methods of mining, metallurgical processes of extracting the metal, and preparing finished products.

The strategic and economic importance of metals and of metal craftsmen is stressed.

The working of metals was executed by special smiths and craftsmen, the first of whom was "…

Tubal-Cain, who forged all implements of copper and iron" (Gen. The Bible speaks of the high qualifications necessary for the specialized metalwork of the Tabernacle: "I have endowed him with a divine spirit of skill, ability, and knowledge …

At Tell Jemmeh, Tell Kasila, Timnah, and other sites, furnaces for smelting iron and copper have been found dating from different periods.

The only explicit biblical reference to a foundry is to that of King Solomon "in the plain of Jordan …

The prophets employ figures of speech based on the properties of metals and the stages of their treatment.

These metals have been uncovered in excavations in Ereẓ Israel in the form of vessels and slag.

Ophir, which was reached by ships from Ezion-Geber ( Chron.

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