Dating violence against men

“We moved gender-neutral at The Family Place 10 years ago because we felt it was a more open-minded way to look at things — and the need was there,” Flink explains.

The Taylor House Domestic Violence Shelter for Men in Arkansas, which opened in 2015, saw the need, too.

I ask Douglas if that could possibly be true — after all, aren’t men thought to be more aggressive?

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Dating violence against men

Valley Oasis, a domestic violence shelter north of L.

A., provides services to both men and women in a co-ed living space.

“Offenses against men are significantly more serious in nature,” she noted.

“Whereas just over one-fourth of all spouse abuse incidents involving female victims are categorized as aggravated assaults, the corresponding for male victims is demonstrably higher: 86 percent are aggravated; over two-thirds of these events are serious assaults with a deadly weapon.”And so, Mc Leod says, nearly all men injured by domestic violence require medical attention and half of them are hospitalized overnight or longer. Case in point: While incidents of domestic violence have dropped more than 50 percent since the 1994 Violence Against Women Act was passed, studies have shown that violence against males has remained steady.

Douglas says this demonstrates that we’re not paying enough attention to the issue. It may even account for some of the partner violence we still see here.

“There’s been a longstanding belief here and across the globe that patriarchy is the root cause of domestic violence. But it certainly doesn’t explain all of the partner violence today.”She adds that the methods we’ve traditionally used to tackle partner violence — reaching out to women, public education campaigns, making services available to women — have been effective, but only through one lense.

2 Of the lifetime rape victims, 82.8% were also victims of physical violence.

This suggests that a sizeable portion of the 606,000 rape victims are included in the 5,427,000 physical violence victims.

“Those same efforts haven’t been put in place with regard to men.

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