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" As it turns out, one of the simplest ways to obtain bitcoins is to accept them as payment for goods or services.So, while visiting one of those online forums or discussion groups, you might want to look for someone with a car to sell and a desire to get their hands on some bitcoins.

Either way, there are a few ways to buy a car with bitcoins.

Those who are new to Bitcoin may be amazed by how many major companies accept bitcoins as payment.

What I've not seen is a basic template for a world building worksheet.

While I imagine that lots of people have different requirements for laying out their worlds (politics, history, religion(s), et al) I think it would assist some writers to see how they lay out their information.

Amy Fortune is a contributing writer for Cars Direct and lead writer/editor for Auto Credit Express.

She also contributes regularly to several other high-traffic blogs.

The real question here, however, is would you want to buy a car with Bitcoin?

It probably depends on your reason for using Bitcoin in the first place.

The answer to the question "Can you buy a car with Bitcoin?

" is "yes." You can buy practically anything with Bitcoin.

So I'm working to develop my new world and I've run into an interesting question.

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