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Notice in Vine’s definition of generation, he says it signifies a BEGETTING OR BIRTH.In the context of Matthew 24, The Lord Jesus is not speaking of an individual’s birth, but the birth of a nation – a nation of people having the same characteristics, traits, and pursuits and that have a kinship with the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem unlike any other race of people on the earth.In both, it is not uncommon to see overzealous prosecutors who may focus more on their record of successful convictions than guilt or innocence.

The Holy Spirit alone gives the revelation (the spiritual understanding) of the Word of God. Men of great intellect and scholarschip write and teach on many subjects about the Bible, but that does not mean it is the revelation of the Word.

Commentaries abound on what men believe the Bible says, yet when compared to the literal grammatical interpretation fail the test of proper hermeneutics (interpretation).

The reasons can often include corruption in the system, or misleading circumstantial evidence.

In Real Life, it can include bad eyewitness evidence; in fiction, it's more likely to be a false witness or a lying eyewitness.

The inverse — an Obviously Evil and guilty person going free — isn't this trope, but a Karma Houdini situation that falls under one of a number of tropes depending on how they escaped justice; Off on a Technicality is the most common, but sometimes it can be a result of Diplomatic Impunity, Screw the Rules, I Have Money!

The groupies, girl friends and ex wives have seen it all.

Therefore, one definition of generation is that it refers to a particular people with their characteristic lineage and identifying traits, which distinguish them from all other races of people.

When the Lord Jesus used the word Generation in , He was referring to the Jewish people identified by their particular religion and culture symbolized by the Fig Tree.

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The saints develop a holy walk by conviction and repentance of sin sometimes accompanied by chastening, even severe chastening.

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