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Tits, this phrase comes from reversing syllables of oppai (breast).

Panty thief (usually grabs panties off clothesline). Cunt shower (playing on the words that sound like mansion).

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English lesson man, good for practicing English with.

The male role in a homosexual relationship (from Kabuki where the men play both male and female roles). The female or "girl" role in a lesbian or homesexual relationship. Gay (the homophone of this word also means art, gei no kai means "artistic circles," so in the homosexual community, this can be seen as "homosexual circles").

Rub dick in between breasts, give a pearl necklace.

Where a woman's body is covered with butter that's licked off by a dog.

Talking dirty with the strongest words like "I wanna fuck you" is fine as long as you're both comfortable with it.

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