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I have a ton of girlfriends who have been with girls, and I could never comprehend that before. But I don’t want to define gay, bisexual or straight.

I just think it’s too much for me — a woman doesn’t define me, nor does a man. Give me a break…Get ur facts straights, Never met that man in my life” ABOUT THIS AUTHOR dj tracy young and kim zolciak dating-20dj tracy young and kim zolciak dating-84dj tracy young and kim zolciak dating-87

Kim Zolciak's ex-girlfriend Tracy Young says the television personality is "homophobic." Young, a DJ and music producer, slammed Zolciak in an interview with Page Six published Wednesday after her relationship with the 39-year-old reality star was brought up during Part 3 of "She's a liar, because she denied what went on and the reunion brought it all back up," Young said, referencing how Zolciak's co-star Kandi Burruss discussed Zolciak and Young dating. #Kim Zolciakbiermannissuchaliar." "She's HOMOPHOBIC!

"Kim and I were in a relationship for about eight months," the DJ added. She asked me to have a baby with her." Zolciak had dismissed her relationship with Young in a blog post in 2010, calling the DJ a "liar" and a "fame obsessed coat tail rider." Young called out Zolciak in tweets Monday after the reunion aired Sunday on Bravo.

Apparently Tracy was tired of Kim going back and forth between her and Big Poppa.

“Tracey is about to move from Los Angeles to New York and she wanted Kim to make more of a commitment but she was unwilling to do so and they have broken up as a result,” the source added.

star Kim Zolciak have been romantically involved for the past three months. in December to do the “Tardy for the Party” remix, which has been released on my label, and through that working process we got really close. I’m not at liberty to say all the personal details, but we have a lot of similarities and a very strong connection.

Young, an out lesbian who met Zolciak when remixing her dance single “Tardy for the Party,” finally spills the T on whether or not she’s really Zolciak’s “Big Momma.”Kim and I have a very complicated relationship. She’s a great friend and I adore her, but it’s kind of complicated. I was sent “Tardy for the Party” back in August by somebody who had worked with Kim.

"Apparently @Kimzolciak has blocked me so please relay the message.

Here are pictures of Kim Zolciak’s GIRLFRIEND DJ Tracy Young.

That report is now followed by one in Life and Style in which Zolciak confirms the relationship making Kim the first Real Housewives star to date another woman.

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