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Select the network sites supported by this uplink port profile.

VMM will tell the Hyper-V hosts that they are connected and mapped to the following logical networks and sites in our fabric: Backup (for Hyper-V backup traffic), Live Migration (for live migration traffic), Management/VM (for management and virtual machine communication), Replica (for Hyper-V replica traffic), Cluster (for Hyper-V cluster communication).

If you navigate to Port Profiles under the networking tab in fabric workspace, you will see several port profiles already shipped with VMM.

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We must also create a port classification that we can associate with each virtual network port profile.

When you are configuring virtual network adapters on a team on a Hyper-V host, you can map the network adapter to a classification that will ensure that the configuration within the virtual port profiles are mapped.

Repeat this process for all virtual ports so you have added classifications and profiles for management, backup, cluster, live migration and replica, low, medium and high bandwidth are used for the Virtual Machines. Navigate to the host group in fabric workspace that contains your production Hyper-V hosts. Make sure that Production Converged v Switch is selected and add the physical adapters that should participate in this configuration.

Make sure that ‘Production Uplink’ is associated with the adapters.

As for Mac clients, you need Outlook for Mac 2011 or Outlook for Mac for Office 365. You’ll note here that Outlook 2007 was supported for Exchange 2013 but is no longer supported for Exchange 2016. Now that all the reading is out the way, (if you didn’t read it, shame on you!

), we can start building the new Exchange 2016 server.

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