Elementary dating script

Students learn that there are some times when there’s a REASON for touching, and those situations are not secret, and are okay.Joe and Suzy dolls and coloring books boost the message.Children are encouraged to take home a coloring book to discuss what they learned with family.

Movie description Tick Tock the watchdog returns with the same messages as in the Pre-K movie with slightly more mature language, additional characters, and summertime fun.

Scripted presentation and movie are 45-60 minutes total.

Program Summary The concepts of being taken advantage of and of being assertive, online sharing of personal information, touch and the safety rule are repeated, but in a way that speaks to this level of maturity.

Students re-examine who are the trusted adults with whom they could talk.

Additionally, the concepts of “taking advantage” of someone and bullying are explored.

Discussion includes how difficult it can be when someone you care about asks you to keep a secret that you don’t want to keep, and how telling a trusted adult is the right thing to do.

Program Summary An easy-going tone is quickly set for this age level by capturing the students’ attention early in the presentation with an animated movie.

Afterwards, the points introduced in the movie are reinforced, and Joe and Suzy dolls provide a visual aid.

The coloring books can help facilitate the conversation at home between children and their parents/caregivers.

Scripted presentation and movie are 30 minutes total.

Taking safe action as a bystander to bullying is also introduced.

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