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It’s like this multiplication effect, which sounds super cheesy, but it’s why we chose the branding we did: Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine.

The writing we do is exponential together, as opposed to two people just writing a song. Perth is this small city—well, I wouldn’t call it a city.

Sometimes we get together, and I’ll play a few chords and write a top line together start to finish, and then I’ll handle the production on my own.

Jamie is developing her skill in production, but we complement each other in our skills in a way that I’ve never worked with anyone before.

With two singles released, “Wouldn’t Be Enough” and “Stone Heart,” I recently spoke with Elijah and Jamie by phone about home recording, their songwriting process, and how the two came to make music together.

Elijah: I was taking an engineering/production program at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

We’re in the process of releasing a five-song project with visuals, and in turn releasing a ten-song project. These first two are part of that project, and the third song is coming out mid-April or early May.

In terms of the songwriting process, it sort of varies.

It was hilarious to see how many musicians were at the culinary program.

There were a lot of talented musicians—not as many vocalists—but many guitar players, bass players, and percussionists who decided to go to culinary.

Maybe a larger array of microphones, but right now we have a few really great ones.

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