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At one point, he fills a 16-ounce cup nearly to the brim, then sets it down next to another full cup he’d forgotten he had. Even if it didn’t make sense, that’s the kind of drill I would do to practice.

He’s a chain drinker, in other words, and as a result he pees constantly. To this day, I still want as many words as possible in a sentence to rhyme.

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A large painting of Biggie and 2Pac graces one wall, while a plaque leaning against another celebrates Eminem’s status as Sound Scan’s Artist of the Decade: 32 million albums sold in the past 10 years, trouncing runners-up the Beatles. He was around until I was about six months old, so I guess he had pictures from then. But I never even got so much as a “Brucie, your dad says hi.” Did that hurt? But the older you get, you start to realize, “Fuck.

A dozen years into his career, he remains one of pop’s most bankable stars – a rare feat for any artist, and, for a rapper, almost unprecedented. I’ve got a small circle of friends, and it’s a lot of the same friends I’ve known forever. I came out of some difficult things these past couple of years. But I didn’t even know what my father looked like until I was 18 or 19, and my mother showed me a picture. I would never do that to my kids.” You start getting a chip on your shoulder, getting bitter.

As a junior staffer — and the rare woman — Lewis took on underground acts others dismissed. “She was doing that to maintain power.” Part of Lewis’ power is maintaining an air of mystery.

In those early days, rap was still viewed as a novelty — and largely feared because of security concerns over youth violence at the concerts. Almost no details are known about her private life, including marital status and age — though her work timeline suggests Lewis is in her 50s.

Our conversation is interrupted by frequent bathroom breaks. There’s certain little landmarks in your life that you just don’t forget. I’ve seen a lot of rappers stack their ideas in Black Berries, but it wouldn’t work for me. If it’s on the pad, I can look at everything at once. What else do you have to do in there besides think? Even as a kid, I always wanted the most words to rhyme. [At our meeting the next day, Eminem flips open his notebook to a page near the back. “Just some dumb shit.” I ask to read it, and he says he’d rather rap it. Football is my main shit – I like the Lions and the Cowboys. I’m in third place right now, out of eight or nine teams. Well, that song is about my addiction, and my mind frame at the time. When I’m not Eminem, and I’m just Marshall – it’s hard.

Eminem loves Diet Coke, which he guzzles obsessively from a soda fountain in the lobby. I was 12, maybe 13 at the most, and I wrote a rhyme that sounded exactly like LL Cool J. I remember walking back and forth between my little room there and the kitchen, just like I do today. Say I saw a word like “transcendalistic tendencies.” I would write it out on a piece of paper – . It goes like this: This dude doin’ this interview wants me to spin a few Lyrics while I tie my fuckin’ tennis shoes in the nude A romantic interlude in a livin’ room In an inner tube with a dude with a bit of lube Fuck that, I’m sniffin’ glue, sippin’ gin and juice And a little bit of paint thinner with my dinner too You better pay me for my bars like your rent is due Now hurry up and finish, dude, before I finish you Every line rhymes with the word “interview” – some twice, and one even three times. “About two minutes,” he says.] Where do you think you get your love of words from? The only book I ever read from front to back was LL’s [1998 autobiography . Cara Lewis’ infamy was born in 1987, when she was name-checked in Eric B.& Rakim’s song “Paid in Full,” an anthem of hip-hop’s Golden Age. ” For the past three decades, Lewis has guided the careers of hip-hop and R&B royalty: Public Enemy, Tupac Shakur, Mary J. From Run-DMC’s groundbreaking 1987 arena shows with the Beastie Boys to Eminem’s 2014 stadium tour with Rihanna — which grossed million — she has been behind some of rap and R&B’s most bankable live concerts.LL’s album, “Exit 13,” wasn’t exactly burning up the charts at the time, and yet Lewis was able to fight her way to huge deals for him.While Lewis has no shortage of critics who find her style degrading, her artists remain loyal.Much has been made of the rapper’s volatile temper, not least by Eminem himself (he once spent two years on probation for felony weapons charges after an altercation outside a bar), but in conversation he’s thoughtful and polite, albeit not in a way you’d mistake for friendliness. What’s a typical day like for Marshall Mathers these days? I was working with a boxing trainer for a while, but now I just run, bike, hit the heavy bag. – those are good because I can relate to what they’re going through. Basically I work five days a week, and then weekends and as many evenings as I can with the kids. I knew it was getting close – she was in her 90s – and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. As far as going out, like dinner and a movie – I just can’t. I mean, I’d like to be in a relationship again someday.

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