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When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner." I wanted to build a community where this type of relationship is the rule, not the exception.

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Femalesdating com

These are high-achieving women who are likely to continue working post-marriage and post-children (if they choose to have them).

The men they (okay, we) want to be matched up with on The League are educated, ambitious, accomplished, and confident enough in themselves to desire a female partner who has the drive and intellect to reach high levels of professional success, even if it eclipses his own.

But ironically, by downplaying my mission, I was actually suffering from the very same type of complex I am determined to eradicate.

And at 31, it’s time for me to stop worrying about what other people think and start worrying about moving the needle.

My inbox flooded with dozens of reality-show production companies pitching us to create the next , typecasting me as the millennial's Patti Stanger, whose goal is to match up rich, successful men with gorgeous women desiring financial security.

These stereotypes make my blood boil and couldn’t be more wrong.

I worked incredibly hard to graduate early and build my résumé, network, and pedigree, working in all-male teams at name-brand tech companies.

After finishing it all off with an MBA, I started to realize that with every promotion or degree I collected, I embodied more and more the definition of "alpha female." (The fact that women who are able to compete successfully with men in the workplace warrants us a special label is ludicrous to me, but I embraced it, because it meant I was succeeding.)After business school, I entered back into the world of singledom after the end of a 5-year relationship.

So if you’ll bear with me while I get on my soapbox for a few minutes, I’d like to finally explain why I started The League.

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