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With such a wide variety of professions and backgrounds, people don't let their income levels define them.

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In Florida, you don't have to wait until summer to see single guys shirtless – or hit the beach to find a girl in a swimsuit or low-cut sun dress.

Thanks to the state's high temperatures and constant humidity, it's just not practical to cover up.

If you're single, it's high time to start exploring your Sunshine State options.

Learn 16 reasons why dating Florida singles is the next hottest thing. In Florida, you don't have to be a beachcomber to get that flattering sun-kissed glow, because it's impossible to avoid the sun's warm embrace.

Most single Floridians look like they just got back from a cruise, and thanks to liberal dress codes in many workplaces, weird tan lines aren't a problem either.

If you don't associate Florida with beaches, theme parks, or idyllic retirement communities, you probably associate it with weird news stories.

Whether you want to feel safe in someone's arms or find a partner to go on wild adventures, Florida is a good place to look.

Florida has it all: first-generation immigrants, orange juice and cattle magnates, single professionals, retirees from around the world, and many other demographics along the class spectrum.

Flip-flops, shorts, and tank tops aren't reserved for weekends in Florida.

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