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I ask her why she came along.“My friend just wanted some support,” she says.

In China, her parents are telling her that she needs to find somebody, she needs to date.

Songs on “Marry Me” and “Actor” would effortlessly alternate between blissful strings and woodwinds to scuzzy guitar and discord.

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Woman Number Four sidles over to me, waving a ringing phone.“It’s a man!

Maybe this stranger just has more potential, simply because he's a photograph, than, for example, Man Number Four sitting in front of her, with his almost empty pint of beer and pinkish stubble.* * *With the industry’s change in speed has come a change in depth.

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It’s the transitional moment when possession turns into offering.

Her mouth opens wide, pronouncing each syllable — clearly luxuriating in the feeling of the words easing from her mouth.

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Visually, Clark has a long and graceful neck, seemingly better suited for Elizabethan England than modern-day Manhattan.

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