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It also has an important presence online with its main website, a variety of digital products such as and

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Extending its rich tradition of design leadership to the Web, and financialpost.com, it delivers a more immediate, in-depth, and customizable news experience, with all the content and functionality today’s online readers demand. Since 1912, The Vancouver Sun has cast a watchful eye on the events, issues and politics of the day – all with a unique West Coast perspective.

Publishing Monday through Saturday in print and daily online at vancouversun.com, we are proud to be B.

The newspaper, like most of those in the Canadian Sun chain, is known for short, snappy news stories aimed primarily at working class readers.

Advertise Subscribe The Edmonton Sun is a daily newspaper that began publishing in 1978 and shares many characteristics with Sun Media’s other tabloids, including an emphasis on local news stories, its conservative editorial stance and , extensive sports coverage.

*(Source: Vividata 2015 / Q2 / 18 ) The Toronto Sun was first published on November 1, 1971, immediately after the demise of the Toronto Telegram, a conservative broadsheet.

As there was no publishing gap between the two papers and many writers and employees moved to the new paper, it is today generally considered as a direct continuation of the Telegram, and the Sun is the holder of the Telegram archives.

Published Sunday through Friday and daily online at theprovince.com, no issue is too big, small or complicated. The Herald takes our role in the community to heart.

We are especially proud of such initiatives as the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund, our annual Raise-a-Reader literacy campaign, the Riverbank Rescue Project, and the new Calgary Greenway.

Now with breaking news alerts, web updates all day long and “net news at noon”, readers stay up-to-date all day long until the next edition arrives on your doorstep.

The Montreal Gazette is one of the oldest newspapers in North America.

Advertise Subscribe The Winnipeg Sun was first published on November 5, 1980.

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