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Our Network is one of the most visited, on the Internet, targeting over 500 million visitors each month.

Our models receive guidance from a team of representatives who know what it takes to be financially successful as Webcam Models.

We aim to provide an unsurpassed, virtual world experience.

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Your computer/laptop should be running on the newest version of Windows with at least 128 MB (megabytes) of ram as part of your Adult Models Equipment.

A faster computer will provide a cleaner stream which is required, for customer satisfaction.

Decide where you want to tell your client that you live. You don't want to be streaming live and talking about a blizzard - when you told your clients you live in some tropical area.

Be realistic with your virtual world location - but at a safe distance. Wave Side Entertainment operates the largest online adult modeling network in the world.

If you plan to be a part-time Webcam Model, you still can make a very good living by earning hundreds into the thousand dollar levels or more each week.

Your identity as a webcam model will never be compromised - you are 100% safe and secure being part of the Wave Side Entertainment network.

We continue to grow because we take care of our most important assets, our Webcam Models.

We provide the highest amount of quality, adult traffic available for the success of our Webcam Models.

Working as a Webcam Model is the new career many women and men, age 18 , are partaking in.

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