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Many women over 60 love to live alone, but some people wouldn’t mind having roommates to share expenses and offer some daily companionship.

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What do you want the next part of your life to be about?

Do you want to travel, write, create, teach, start a business, spend more time with grandkids, volunteer, or just have more fun?

It is never too late to start over and present a fresh vision of yourself to the world.

For example, I recently embarked on a personal “reinvention” project of my own, by serving as “model” for a series of video tutorials on makeup for older women.

The Brazilian kids get to practice their English and the older Americans get to make new friends and serve as tutors and mentors.

This is another wonderful example of how technology – which is often blamed for making people lonelier – can be used to bring people together.In this way, loneliness can become a self-compounding problem that gets worse over time.Whether you want to volunteer at your church or at a favorite charitable organization, there are many ways to help yourself stay energized by being generous to others. For example, there is an excellent new project in Brazil that pairs Brazilian kids who want to learn English with English-speaking retirees in America who do a “Speaking Exchange” via video web chats.Most boomer women have a strong work ethic and derive a great sense of identity from their work.After all, many of us started working when we were 15 and have worked for 45 years, so when work ends, there is often a huge void in our lives.Whatever it is, clarify your purpose and pursue it with passion.

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