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You'll need to sign in with a Microsoft account that you want to associate with your developer account.

If you don't already have a Microsoft account, you can get one when you start the signup process.

After the account has been created, you can associate your Dev Center account with your organization's Azure Active Directory, and then add users to the account with the appropriate roles and permissions.

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Individual accounts cost approximately $19 USD, and company accounts cost approximately $99 USD (the exact amounts may vary depending on your country or region).

This is a one-time registration fee and no renewal is required.

First, check that you're trying to sign in with the Microsoft account that is associated with your developer account.

If you are, you might see a prompt indicating that your email is used with more than one account; in that case, choose Personal account to continue.

You'll also need to pay for the account using a Visa/Mastercard, Pay Pal (in supported locations), or a promo code. Individual accounts are for a single developer working on their own.

Company accounts are for organizations and businesses.

This verification can take from a few days to a couple of weeks, and often includes a phone call to your company.

Both types of accounts allow you to submit apps, add-ins, and services.

A web chat is a special system or service that allows real time communication for users that use easy-to-access web interfaces.

It’s an internet online chat type that is user-friendly and fully accessible by users, without need to install any specialized software for chatting.

Company accounts give you access to submit apps with some additional functionality.

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