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Yet, ancient Egyptians fell in love, and there were times when they made their feelings known in – at times merely literary – outpourings of love songs, some celebrating mutual attraction, others hoping to make the object of their yearning respond.There were also the sinister cases of lovelorn swains, whose unrequited feelings made them have recourse to magic, trying to enslave their beloved: ...As Wives of the God the High Priestesses wielded much power, which became even more pronounced during the reign of the Kushites in the Late Period. Kings had many wives, often married for political reasons.

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Above all supervisory positions were almost always filled by men, though women were never quite excluded.

Their role in the priesthood was especially important.

Twenty-six out of a total of 121 recorded marriages were between close kin (20 brother-sister, 4 half sibling, 2 first cousin marriages), in the Fayum, heavily populated by Greeks, a quarter of the marriages would be considered incestuous today in the West.

The families of either partner were involved both socially and economically in case of a merger, but it seems they could not prevent a marriage not to their liking if the couple insisted on going ahead , though frequently the groom was significantly older than the bride as he had to be economically established.

In a society where mobility was low and most of the population lived in small villages, the choice of partners was limited.

There were of course occasions attracting crowds like seasonal pilgrimages to important temples, regional market days or public holidays, when one might meet attractive strangers.

They became increasingly common during the first millennium BCE.

Newly-weds often received economic support from their families. ) 150 (pieces of silver) one cup 40 (pieces of silver) one kettle(?

This day, Telmontu declared to the Chief Workman Khonsu and the Scribe Amon-nakht, son of Ipui: "Cause Nakhemmut to swear an Oath of the Lord to the effect that he will not depart from my daughter." The Oath of the Lord which he swore: "As Amon lives, as the Ruler lives, if I should turn away to leave the daughter of Telmontu at any time, I will receive a hundred blows and be deprived of all profits that I have made with her.

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