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Rubino climbs into the back seat so he can do some more research on Kamille's tits and she lets him play with them.

Too bad there are so few lap dance clubs in the real world that hire dancers as stacked as Charlie.

Sadly, there are almost no strip clubs for guys who love the larger ladies. In the real world, Charlie's a CNA (certified nursing assistant).

She gives him the finger, a gesture of thanks in Kamille's city Seattle. She calls her girlfriend and tells her what she's going to do to Donnie in the bedroom.

She's got a marker in her hand and before Donnie knows it, she's drawn all over his face and sent the photo to her girlfriend.

Sex with Beti is wet and messy, the way sex should be.

The amigos have pulled into a parking lot when Tony Rubino swears to JMac that a girl they just passed on the street has super-huge tits.And the dancers would be free to go wild in the VIP room where the washable furniture is very suitable for lap bouncing and won't stick to a girl's ass.This player is about to get the lap dance grind of his life and a whole lot more when Charlie drops her huge, firm tits over his meat-club and rubs it stiff so she can swallow it down her throat and squeeze it between her boobs.Using their time-tested double-play tag-team technique, JMac and Tony each take a side of Kamille on the couch, strip her down naked and fuck her brains out, taking turns on her throat and pussy.After they anoint Kamille's hangers with ball juice, Rubino can't resist taking a photo of her cum-coated boobs.Now Tony and JMac are more desperate than before to fuck this juicy bra-buster and slide their cocks between Kamille's deep cleavage and do other horny things to her. As they drive off, her tits bounce under her extra-large shirt even though she's wearing a bra.

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