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Print resources, especially in STEM fields, are more innovative – and useful – than ever.

Did you know, for example, that breaking news in science frequently appears first in children’s books?

We will discuss different formats: books, short stories, museum interpretative texts, and web materials.

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That instrument probed Martian rock and soil looking for traces of water -- and ultimately life -- now or in the red planet's past.

Back in a specially equipped operations centre at Guelph, he has continued to serve as operations lead of the APXS instrument, working with other researchers at Guelph and worldwide in what he has called maybe the "biggest, most important science mission in a generation."Nonfiction for children, that underappreciated workhorse of the literary world, is currently undergoing a Renaissance.

He has extensive experience communicating science to kids, from toddlers to teenagers, in a range of formats and venues.

He’s also an enthusiastic blogger and communicator through social media. Jan Thornhill: Jan recently won the Vicky Metcalf Award for Literature for Young People, awarded by the Writers Trust of Canada for a body of work produced over many years.

She is a past winner of both the CSWA Science in Society Youth Book award and the Lane Anderson Award for science writing for young people.

Her newest science book for kids – Kiron Mukherjee: Kiron is ROMKids Coordinator and Camp Director for the Royal Ontario Museum.

As project leader for the Canadian research team investigating the contributions of plants to life support in space, Dr.

Dixon formed the Space and Advanced Life Support Agriculture (SALSA) program at the University of Guelph.

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