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Despite these changes, the revived premiered on the Games Show Network.

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Over the next few months more and more viewers were tuning into started with four couples in competition.

In the first year of the first ABC version, the husbands went off-stage first while the wives had to predict what their husbands would say.

At the time the network signed on Eubanks to host The Newlywed Game Show in 1966, he, aged 28, was the youngest emcee to host a game show.

Eubanks hosted the ABC and first syndicated series of original version of The Newlywed Game Show and then returned to host was the last U. commercial network series to premiere in black and white, although it converted to color eventually in the September of 1966.

Apparently a few couples have even filed for divorce after mutual differences during the filming of . The first version was hosted by popular talk show host Bob Eubanks who invented the catchphrase “making whoopee” as a euphemism for sexual intercourse in order to circumvent network censorship.

TIP: 'Tell Me Honey...2000 Questions for Couples', the bestselling book from Amazon has 2000 questions newlyweds can ask each other to come closer as a couple. The original version of made its debut on 11 July 1966 on the ABC network. However, the phrase became so popular that Eubanks continued to use the word throughout the show's many runs, even during the episodes of the 1980s, 1990s and beyond, when he could easily have said "make love" or "have sex" without any trouble.

In the second round, host Kroeger asked the couples a multiple-choice question in which one half of the couples had given answers in advance while the other must guess what they chose.

Then there was another round where either the wives or the husbands gave some very weird facts about themselves and their mates had to say “That’s my wife/man” to the correct match.

But just to make things clear, we will go over the rules of the games, which you can explain to everyone and see some interesting Christian newlywed game questions. The questions, on the other hand, are a different matter altogether.

So let's focus on the rules and then see what questions can make for a great game.

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