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Mike was peeping in on the girls locker room and was caught red handed by Vicky.

The three girls, obviously pissed that Mike would try to sneak a peak, decided they needed to get back at him.

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He was extremely pissed off and was cursing and yelling at the officer to let him out.

She finally got fed up with him and told him not only was she going to release him, but was going to give him something he would never forget.

Tina was out all day working while Frank was home all day doing nothing.

When she got home, she found her boyfriend in their bedroom trying to seduce her best friend.

He started to get turned on, so they decided to give him a handjob.

The girls were taking turns groping him and stroking his cock.Unfortunately for him, she had some bad thoughts in her mind.After letting him out of the cell she told him he needed to comply with her every demand and would let him go early. Once he was naked she opened her desk drawer and pulled out some women's clothing and told him to put it on.Not only was his classmate offended but his girlfriend was fuming mad. At first both Johnny and his classmate were confused, but his girlfriend made it very clear that he was about to be humiliated and punished unlike anything before.The classmate asked Johnny's girlfriend if she could help punish him, and she was happy to oblige!She was extremely pissed off that he was not only lazy, but he was also an asshole!

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