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Do you feel you will reach or have reached the “acceptance” stage?Listen to the interview with MCSR Executive Director, Neil Irvin.You need Java Script enabled to view it for additional information, group discount rate, and registration details.

HMAP is a national multi-year initiative designed to raise the visibility of healthy masculinity and build a new generation of male leaders across the country who model non-violent, emotionally healthy masculinity, serving as positive change-makers in society.

Through three days of discussions about theory, interactive group exercises, role-playing, and multi-media presentations, the training institute presents participants with a framework to positively construct masculinity and to motivate men’s engagement in challenging the attitudes and behaviors that support violence against girls and women.

I have admitted in the past to following Kpop and there is a hilarious meme that goes “Oppa didn’t mean it!

” This meme mocks Kpop fangirls who try and rationalize away undesirable behaviors in their particular idol because they cannot deal with the possibility that he/she has done something wrong.

This training is ideal for staff from universities, middle and high schools, law enforcement agencies, the US armed forces, statewide and local coalitions, service agencies, and government agencies.

Become part of the Healthy Masculinity movement this July!

Because not everyone exits whatever stage they find themselves in.

So, what stage do you honestly feel you are at when it comes to the GAT-DL/Black Community?

They are angry that they allowed themselves to believe so many lies for so long.

They are angry at the people who hurt them rather than stand up for them (despite all the “we are all black, and we gotta stick together” talk).

I have observed behaviors in black women, self included, that made me think of the Kübler-Ross model or “Five Stages of Grief”.

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