Intimidating workplace

This was exampled in the Case of Wigan Borough Council v Davies 1979 ICR 411 and quoted with approval by the House of Lords in Waters v Commissioner of Metropolitan Police 20, HL.

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You may have a happy workforce today but from time to time you may experience a degree of ‘fall out’ between management and staff or between groups of employees.

A disgruntled, aggrieved, member of staff or ex-employee may turn to social media sites to vent their anger.

Appraisals, if not carried out sensitively and carefully, can cause ‘fall out’ and / or permanent damage to a manager / subordinate relationship.

From that point on it is difficult to regain trust and get relations back on track.

Call us if you fear repercussion, as a manager, at Appraisal time or when dealing with conduct issues.

In cases of Grievance or Disciplinary regarding Conduct or Capability, consider calling in an independent expert consultant to conduct a confidential, impartial, workplace investigation.We can recommend organisations and provide expertise in this complex area of employee relations. Our team have been working in this arena for over 15 years and are published on various Management forums as exert advisers on the do’s and don’ts of conducting Workplace (Grievance and Disciplinary) Investigations.Much of our work has been in the NHS and Public Sector.(Data Commissioner) – in order to ensure your organisation is protected in those areas.e CRIME or Cyberbullying is any form of anti-social behaviour over the internet or via a mobile device.Whilst it will never completely stop inappropriate on-line activity, explicit boundary lines will probably act as a deterrent. A high percentage of employees calling our helpline allege that their line manager is not following performance management policies or lacks basis skills in this area.

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