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Daniel Talbott is quite the cock wrangler: soap star Chris Stack in Talbott's ZIMBABWE showed uncut cock. Great fucking cock, too.[quote]I loved everything about L! There was one actor face-slapping the other actor, then yanking down his undies while simulated humping him from behind.Will Pullen washed his cock and balls as a prelude to violently ass fucking Will Bellant in GRAY. Talbott's name is synonymous for gratuitous male nude scenes. I saw "Party" in LA in the 90s and that started my lifelong crush on Vince Gatton, who was the cutest thing in the world. David Anzuelo, who showed his erect cock in Intimacy, choreographed the rape.I've seen maybe four plays by him and they all involved extensive male nudity including adolescent gay sex, male rape, pissing onstage, erections. Not that it matters, but Maxwell Caulfield was naked with Jessica Tandy at the Public Theater on Lafayette Street. My favorite on-stage male nudity was Ralph Seymour in EQUUS. I went back to see Perkins one more time, but Seymour was gone and replaced by a wimpy blonde who did nothing for the role. Paul Rudnick's The Greatest Story Ever Told also had spectacular male nudity. ) Bobby Cannevale......can't remember who the other guy was.... And Jude Law with a FULL head of bleached platinum blonde hair, climbing nude out of a bathtub. One actor I always loved from 80's horror films Kevin (Blair) Spirtas was in two off broadway shows about 10 years ago where he was full frontal a lot.

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Per r86/r88's Dick Information Network, requesting a full dick report, here's my verbal description.

It's based on a rather quick flash, but I was right in front (only a few feet away), I have a photographic memory for dick, and he was fucking cute and quite hung.

Another more recent that I enjoyed was Dan Ambroyer from "Younger". The theatre was this long room with seats on both sides.

On one end was a desk, then came a kitchen table and then finally a set of gym lockers.

But if it's thought of at all, the play is mostly remembered for the picket lines outside of City Center (both yea and nay) and the metal detectors at the ticket lines in the lobby (before 9/11). Or feel free to include photos, video, drawings, sculpture, papier-mâché, schematic diagrams, musical homages, interpretive dance and so forth. You need to state a valid research reason to watch these (or other filmed stage productions), although you can say that you're thinking of directing or producing a production or looking for audition material, and that's usually sufficient. Good plays, too -- actually when I saw the play Slattery went on for Anthony Heald and someone else when on for Slattery , so I had missed seeing him nude live and finally caught up.

But the verbal description is the most useful if it comes from live observations. Daniel Anzuelo had an agreement with the play and Actors Equity that his character could have a hard-on when he turned around in a scene in "Intimacy".

Maisel." Saw him in a play called years ago called "Rules of the Universe." I knew the director Daniel Talbott, so I went.

I have a pretty good memory of it because the entire play took place site specifically in a men's toilet, which was memorable enough, but he also had quite a memorable member.

In the 90's there was a completely gratuitous production Off-Broadway - at the Douglas Fairbanks, I believe - called "Party." Totally stupid, silly, tamed-down cousin to Boys In The Band. No one was particularly hot - but the audience was packed with the gays, pretending we were there to attend sophisticated theatre. Sam Shepard's off-Bway play, Curse of the Starving Class, featured full-frontal with Bradley Whitford way back when he was hunky. I saw it in previews and he held the lamb high above his genitals.

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