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He gave me a guitar for my sixth birthday, and I thought that was the coolest thing in the world. When I was in seventh grade, I asked my parents for a mobile recording system for Christmas, and I got it. I’d get invited to the movies and I’d say, “I’m gonna finish a couple of demos.” []Did you go to prom? Every year on that date, I had a show–my hometown festival. Your mom is a teacher and your dad a boat mechanic, yet they figured out how to navigate the music business. I write songs about that, so you can find out [more] through my next record. Sleeping in, going to services with the folks, having lunch with them, and spending time chilling with no agenda. Meeting Stevie Wonder was a massive, lifetime achievement for me. I sense a kindred spirit in him, and I hope he’d say the same.

When I look back at what they did, it’s remarkable.

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At age 26, he finds himself with 1o years experience in the music industry.

Praised by as “an undeniable songwriting talent,” Hayes “has proved himself seemingly effortlessly as a true musical phenomenon” (Yahoo Music) and continues to deliver innovative avenues to share his music with fans across the country.

It took a lot of creative effort from everyone to make a reverse movie where the music comes first followed by the script and acting.

Says Hayes, “It was a team effort…we’ve toyed with the idea for years and it never made sense until now.” With the vulnerable lyrics to three truly heartfelt songs, debuting “This Girl” on Valentines Day made perfect timing.

They were a two-person crew of what now takes hundreds of people to do.

They were supportive in the right ways, and they built this with me. In any city or town, you can find a good, rocking Italian place.

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, a rerelease of his self-titled 2011 debut with eight new or rerecorded tunes, including the hit “Storm Warning.” In October, this CMA New Artist of the Year award winner will kick off his Let’s Be Crazy tour. When somebody makes you truly happy, magnifies the good in you, and makes you feel like you’re everything you’ve always wanted to be. I’m more experienced in long-distance relationships than I care to admit.

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