Juvenile substance abuse updating the field

The staff at NCJFCJ has strived to consolidate all of these resources in one area on our website - The Juvenile Drug Court Information Center.We encourage you to visit the site and look for more information on juvenile drug courts, training and technical assistance, and to find connections in the field.

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Structured telephone interviews averaging 45 minutes were conducted with the 14 panel members who were currently conducting or funding research.

Based on these interviews, a report identifying and describing 9 key elements was sent to all 22 panel members prior to their first meeting on June 1, 2001.

We conducted the first systematic evaluation of the quality of highly regarded adolescent substance abuse treatment programs in the United States.

This assessment was initiated to develop a guide that would define program quality and help parents, physicians, juvenile court judges, and school counselors make informed treatment choices.

We also describe the program characteristics that were and were not associated with the highest-quality programs.

We reviewed the literature on adolescent substance abuse treatment and assembled an advisory panel of 22 experts, including 10 leading researchers, 9 practitioners from nationally recognized treatment programs, and 3 senior federal policymakers.By Wendy Schiller NCJFCJ is celebrating 75 years of bringing judicial education to the juvenile justice field.Part of that history includes celebrating the proliferation of juvenile drug courts as a growing and valuable docket within the juvenile justice system. The philosophy of juvenile drug courts is based on what the original juvenile justice reformers had in mind for youth involved in the nation’s justice system which was to find rehabilitative ways to work with this very special population.Out of a possible total score of 45, the mean score was 23.8 and the median was 23.Top-quartile programs were not more likely to be accredited.Effective, accessible drug treatment programs for adolescents are urgently needed.

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