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Like I said earlier: it's not a big deal."It seems there are other coping methods as well.

"I hear there's a way to reduce back pain by strengthening your abdominal and back muscles which then help reinforce your back.

I want to avoid backflips, but I can still dance and I can do wire flying.

I'm not pessimistic about this at all, so I don't want people to worry about me in the future either.

I personally feel like this is along the same lines as having poor vision-- it's a part of me.

Vision can be fixed with glasses and such to a certain extent, and if my back pain gets too intense, I can alleviate it.

If I ever get a job that requires me to get naked for a shoot or something, I'll reconsider it then.

I guess it just has to do with my own sense of value, maybe?I accept pretty much anything, and having to go along with other people doesn't bother me either.Besides, if I only speak out one time out of ten when I'm not happy about something - regardless of what it is - don't you think there's a bigger possibility of getting my point across that one time?It has nothing to do with my back pain and such, I'm just someone who never had any interest in working out to begin with.I prefer muttering to myself while I'm play video games on my own (laugh).There is no doubt that he will take to this rakugoka role well."Who knows?

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