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Being new to the world of digital media and all things social in the business world, when I heard Bristol was hosting a S ocial Media Week , I had two thoughts. Now you ask yourself “Is this something my law firm should be doing? But now you maybe thinking, hold on what even is call tracking and how can it help? One key aspect to be affected will be your email marketing.

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Our intention is that the portal will be open to every conveyancing professional, solicitors, licensed conveyancers and legal executives if they get approval,’ Vigar said.

‘We will set the due diligence bar at the level required for the CQS.

Read the full article and listen to the podcast (apologies for...

Please go ahead and fill in the form below, there is a second page after this and then your audit report is automatically prepared.

Is your law firm’s blog content feeling a bit stale? There’s still life in the old dog yet, you just need to repurpose it into a fresh and interesting format. We had a great time as a sponsor of the LFS Conference last week at the shiny new Vox Centre at the NEC in Birmingham.

Over 150 delegates attended during the day and I'm pleased to say that our break out room (the main room in fact) on...

Clients will be able to call up information about their matter on a smartphone app, showing what stage has been reached in the transaction and what tasks remain outstanding.

While this will provide a 'bird’s-eye view’ of transaction chains, each party in a transaction will have control over what information is displayed.

It’s all in the figures; almost 5 billion videos are watched on You Tube every single day, and 3.25 billion hours of... The first email was sent on Wednesday 8 June 1971, and since then, email has come on leaps and bounds, continuously adapting and changing with the times.

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