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Instead use more suitable such as nipple rings, clit bands, etc.Change his wardrobe , the first step is to throw out every single piece of his old male clothes.Emersion in female pursuits with a strict regime watching soaps, painting her nails, reading female fashion magazines, etc. A very strict disciplinarian training convert an unhappy, careless and thoughtless male into a wonderful , obedient and happy sissy.

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Another important association is the ability to cum only when penetrated like a woman.

With proper and strict adherence to these rules, she should soon learn to cum whenever she is penetrated, but will loose the ability to do so when not.

Forced Feminization , There were actually women who forced their husbands into women slaves, who saw to their every need.

Secretly started adding vitamins to his food , replaced his normal vitamins with femninizing hormones , giving him female hormones pills .

Forever to do your bidding, to fulfill your every need.

Trapped in a silken trap from the permanent changes made to her body, she is unable to return, only able to exist within your defined confines, her life now must revolve around you.Cock sucking , Your new girl is ready to assume a new life as a woman. Sucking Cockas a sissy she-male it is your responsibility to pleasure anyone your Mistress instructs you to. Sucking a man's cock is one of the pure pleasures in life." Dream of it being a big juicy cock that it loves to suck so much "At first, the changes were subtle , At this point, he started working from home and we could accelerate the process.A year after that, it obvious to that there no going back so took her in for facial softeting surgery, voice surgery and a large breast augmentation.To enhance her training in femininity, couple your rewards with dildo training; restrict cumming to only times when she has a dildo firmly in her pussy or deep in her mouth.Eventually, she will able to enjoy sex again, but with you as the sole focus as her pleasure is now firmly tied to yours.

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