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The meaning behind pet names Want to know what your pet name says about your relationship and how your partner views you? #1 “Boo“ or “shorty/shawty.” This one has popped up quite a lot in recent years and seems to be a favorite of the rap and hip-hop musical community.However, the same community is also known for referring to women as b***es and h**s.

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It is both eloquently yet casually romantic – easily dropped into the conversation and always delivers with impact.

It shows that your partner has deeply romantic and soulful feelings towards you – a true romantic who believes you are meant to be together for life. [Read: 8 romantic gestures from the olden days all girls miss] #5 “Honey/darling/dear.” These very traditional terms of endearment are the kind that you’re probably used to hearing your parents and/or grandparents use.

If this is the kind of impression you’re happy having your other half associate you with, then no issue is to be had.

If, however, you’ve mistakenly thought that this term is a modern, hip, and happening variety of the usual kind of pet name, then I really have to put you in the picture.

Secondly, let me just say that cutesie nicknames aren’t always as positive as they may seem.

Sugar-bunny might seem cute and loving, but in a way, it’s just as dehumanizing as “boo.” It shows they don’t really take you very seriously, and that you’re more tied up with some kind of weird fantasy about what romance is supposed to be, rather than tied into their heart strings.

You know the kind of thing: sugar-bunny, shnookums, pumpkin, love puppy, etc.

First of all, let me congratulate you on consistently managing to keep your lunch down when you are accosted with such sickly-sweet offerings.

They tend to reflect affection and love, and because of their rather personal nature, tend to be used behind closed doors.

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