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Toffee won’t be based simply on education alone - singletons will use “sliders” to mark how important, say, polo or rugby is in a partner.

“It’s disgustingly elitist,” says 23-year-old Claire*. “I feel like private school kids have their own closed social circle of private school friends and acquaintances in real life anyway (those who would be the type to use such an app that is) so what would they need an app for?

“If you’re the type of person who is going to make decisions on who to date based on where they went to school, it’s pretty easy to do that anyway, even if a dating app doesn’t immediately tell you where someone went to school it’s not hard to find out.

It’s about more single people in London getting together and sticking together. ” Although the official launch date has not been announced, privately educated singletons can sign up to the pre-launch waiting list and become a Founder Member.

You sign up with Facebook and select your private school from a list.

When you get 5 in a row, be sure and stand up and yell "Bingo!

" to announce the fact to all present at the meeting.We've been informed that this is an effective means of ensuring maximum meeting productivity.Dating back to early 1993, Tom Davis's Buzzword Bingo was, as far I know, the first ever implementation of buzzword bingo.“Obviously it’s completely elitist and outdated and personally I wouldn’t go near it but different people have different priorities - there are loads of niche dating apps out there (including ones most would consider racist) so I don’t know why we should attack this one particularly.” A dating app purely for the privately educated is undoubtedly a controversial concept, but it remains to be seen whether there’s enough of a market for it to be successful.Tom Davis's Buzzword Bingo is an excellent solution to long meetings.Now take it and run with it..ball's in your court!

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