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But the three men’s lawyer, Alison Ruttenberg, argued that there is literally “zero” proof that the registry protects the public.

All this, said the judge, means that it is crazy to pretend that being on the registry is not punishment, although that is what the government has argued all along.

It insists that registration is not punishment, it’s just “notifying the public.” Even that harsh reality might make some sense if it kept kids safer.

A federal judge in Colorado, Richard Matsch, has agreed with what we have been saying for a while here at Free-Range Kids: The public sex offender registry is not making kids any safer.

At the same time, it is cruel and unconstitutional.

Until our service is no longer needed, Family Watchdog resolves to be the premier source of sex offender information available.

Why We Began Family was formed as a result of the senseless murder of Jessica Lunsford.The crux of Megan's Law is the requirement that convicted sex offender register home, work, and other addresses with local law enforcement, who in turn notify local communities that a registered sex offender is nearby.Law enforcement was tasked with tracking sex offenders, but virtually no funding was made available to implement the law.The introduction of the Internet led to enhancements that allowed registry information to be shared more freely than ever before.However, the technology of the day limited information to tabular or list form.Our goal is to eliminate the scourge of child molestation as an epidemic in one generation.

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