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These groups are identified under Parts 3-4C of the ADA as people covered on the grounds of their: Programs to meet the "special needs" of a particular race or age group will not usually require an exemption because the ADA specifically provides an exception for such programs (see "What are the exceptions where discrimination is allowed? Section 126A exemptions are currently certified by the NSW Attorney General.

He or she grants a s 126A exemption where he or she is satisfied that the primary purpose of the special needs program or activity is the promotion of equal or improved access for members of a group affected by discrimination on one of the grounds listed above.

These factors are set out in the Anti Discrimination Regulation 2009 (the Regulation).

These factors are not necessarily the only things that the President will take into account in considering an application under s 126.

He or she may consider any other relevant issues as well - for example he or she may consult with bodies or persons that may be appropriate in the circumstances.

The Attorney General usually seeks the advice of the Anti-Discrimination Board before granting a s 126A exemption.

There is no maximum time limit for s 126A exemptions specified in the ADA.

In some circumstances an applicant or an affected person may apply to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a review of the decision of President in relation to an exemption.

Section 126A exemptions apply to special needs programs, activities or facilities which promote access for certain groups of people affected by unlawful discrimination.​if you want to target a job, service or program towards people with a specific type of disability – for example if you want to employ someone with cerebral palsy, or you want to run a job-seeking skills class for people with an intellectual disability.If being of a particular age group is a genuine occupational qualification, your advertisement should say: "[Name of employer] considers being a [particular age] is a genuine occupational qualification for this position under s 49ZYJ of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW)." You will need an exemption: in all other situations.There is no need for you to apply for an exemption in these circumstances.In many other circumstances, you must obtain an exemption under the ADA if you want to favour one particular group, and therefore discriminate against other groups.Examples of exemptions granted include: List of current Section 126 exemptions List of current Section 126A exemptions Exemption likely to be granted: A welfare agency wants to provide a counselling service for women who have experienced domestic violence.

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