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Other meanings for gun besides sexual are drug related if you want to go there. Its probably not those things only you can just play with the words that way.

When I was 15-17, the slang for slamming dope was "banging" it. Even a person who is diagnosed with depression rarely concretely plans out a suicide for yeaars.

The CIO 100 Symposium is the most powerful gathering of CIOs and senior IT and business executives and Telstra is proud to host a round table and sponsor this event and be a part of the innovation conversation.

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Come littleperm and dont worry you maybe balck or white or rreatarded and just because i dont care about my hair or how i dress doesnt mean im going to shoot you,,,,and yes all those worlds you say everyday to me hurt so bad i think of suicide but i love you and trust you and know youll be there for me,,,but if your not i will kill myself... He had his family a great house his drums his guitar and friends here and there so get off it will ya...

God is sex for its creation and what we do to tour generation s ,kinda like morrison trying to say higher or hendrix going out there ar janis iwith raw passion uncontroold wild and free like the little kid in the pool just being happy can be doso ddifficult in this habitats we have made.... Live on while this planet still tolerates us1This song is pretty basic in terms of what it is about. You see many times people ejaculate differently and many people fear that they are not ejaculating correctly.

I seriously doubt he was foretelling his death at that time.

And he purchased the fire arm right after return to seattle, if memory serves...a member of another "Seattle band" was with him, I think.

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When will you guys just understand that Kurt was a very distured and upset person? Its was his nature and thie world would not change him!!!

Courtney may have been a factor in his depression, and she is a lot of things, but i don't believe she is a killer. He played iwth music and it feels so good for i am also a musicin and what upsets him is this world of guns and wars and fakes and hypocrites' frankie goes to hoolywood was just a sexula song and kurt was different but his genius is beyond us... The little baby in the pool being born is just that be free to be in this world wahat is sad is that they will teach you that the dollar is worth killing and judging and in the end youll loose your soul...

Well hope this helps you for thru understanding can man truly be a happier beings. Cobain counters this by saying it is okay to cum as you are, (it's supposed to be a pun) but this truly is an anthem for those who are not afraid to ejaculate abnormally.

These comments have totally misinterpreted this song, 2 things: The gun, no reference to suicide, 3 years before, get a life people, it's him saying he won't hurt the person who comes as they are, point is, nobody will ever hurt you for being yourself.

There are many conspiracies about his death but we may never know for sure, but what we do know is that Kurt was a genius and that the meaning of his lyrics were intended for our interpretation.

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