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Snake: She disappeared years ago, and I don't know where she is now.

It says that the tougher the conditions faced by two lovers, the stronger their bonds of affection become. As long as she's not like some agent from an enemy country who's on the run because she screwed up her last mission, I'm sure you two will find each other somehow.

For almost 300 years starting in the 16th century, explorers searched for El Dorado, but in the end they never found anything. Snake: Yeah, I think it's starting to come back to me...

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Metal girls dating

And now that I think about it, catching wild animals and eating them wasn't such a bad experience. The main characters are holed up in an old house while a hungry pack of living corpses tries to force their way in. In the Voodoo religion, the word "zombie" means "snake."Snake: Come again...? Not in the sense of actually bring the dead back to life, but I hear you can use stimulants like scopolamine to take away a living person's memory and willpower and control them. They say criminals use it to commit robbery and other crimes.

Of course, if he did find a rare giant sloth, he'd probably end up eating it for lunch... I'm sure UMA Club's president, Major Zero, would be thrilled. These reanimated dead start attacking living humans and eating their brains. Para-Medic: Yeah, well, it's not totally unrelated to you. Para-Medic: These corpses that come back to life are called zombies. Para-Medic: The plant from which scopolamine is produced grows in the wild in Colombia.

Roy Campbell: Snake, there's something I've been meaning to ask you...

You should go see it when you get back to the States. So your earlier experience should come in handy this time around, don't you think? I don't know what you're talking about, Snake, but good luck, man. It's also important to maintain a healthy level of tension because it helps you detect danger ahead in time.

See, in psychology there's a principle called Bossard's Law. Roy Campbell: In other words, if you want to get in with this girl, you need to see her as often as possible.

I tried looking for her, but I couldn't find a trace.

I can survive just fine without having to catch and eat wild animals. No more hunting around for wild animals to catch and eat.

Still highly classified, but it's going to enable a soldier to keep fighting for five days without eating a single meal. No more heavy, nasty-tasting rations to lug around.

Para-Medic: A detective drama called "Dirty Harry." It just came out this year. The change in equipment that Snake is talking about is in reference to the Play Station Portable. It's been a while since you've been out in the field... The place where you are now has a lot of common with the location of your last mission. Sigint: What good is military equipment if you can't use it outdoors...? The right amount of fear, if properly controlled, can sharpen the senses and improve muscle performance.

Sigint: Yeah, well, the layout has changed a little bit. But I do like how you can carry and use it outside. I didn't even think you knew the meaning of the word "fear." Snake: Being afraid in battle isn't a bad thing. Snake: Yeah, well, it doesn't do you any good if you're too scared to do anything.

If you could get some proof that they still exist, it'd be a major discovery on a global scale. I mean, if you're going to send a special ops agent like Snake in, you may as well have him look while he's there... Sigint: By now, you've probably been all over the peninsula. I hear that's a sign that those species are highly poisonous... When I say rare animals, I mean like the De Loys' Ape or the Jersey Devil or giant sloths that might have survived the Ice Age. Doesn't it stand for "unidentified mysterious animals? You may not know it, but South America is a UMA-lover's paradise. You started some "UMA Finders Club at the CIA and made yourself vice president. So if you see any UMAs, be sure to catch them and bring them back. Some of those suckers are like 20 feet long and can rip you in half. Para-Medic: Snake, do you know "Night of the Living Dead? Para-Medic: So this satellite explodes and showers the Earth with radiation from outer space, bringing the dead back to life. Snake: Para-Medic, there's something I've been wanting to tell you since the last time we met.

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