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The service can assist with important design decisions by quantifying the interplay between gating, shear heating, melt flow patterns, gas traps, unusual shrinkage, weld lines, cooling profile, pressure profiles, cycle time and other useful parameters.

The molding process and the resulting product results are always shared with our customers.

This document provides a detailed description of the steps which will deliver the types of results a validation process is designed for.

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In addition, identify the best means to capture the measurement data and analyze the results.

Working these issues beforehand can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to follow this process.

Our strategy, unique in the silicone-molding field, is to achieve total part validation – through GR&R studies, rigorous validation activities, ongoing production controls, and 100 percent inspection of finished parts – so that our clients can eliminate their incoming inspection at their site, if they choose.

News, curiosities, tools from the world of polymer processing. First, it is advisable to hold a mold design review meeting with all involved parties prior to tool manufacture.

Our in-house high-performance injection molding press is used to verify injection molds are production ready.

We utilize our customers’ established molding process parameters when available, or we can develop the process when required.

Reporting formats are flexible and can be tailored to the needs of each customer.

Cosmetic attributes are also evaluated to ensure the texture, surface finish and appearance are satisfactory.

This can include equipment and software validation as necessary as well.

Through process validation, FMI demonstrates that the process produces consistent results and quality and meets the product’s critical specifications.

A copy of the "Horizontal Injection Molding Machines-Safety Requirements, Care, and Use" can be obtained from: American National Standards Institute1430 Broadway, New York, NY 10018(212) 642-4900Comply with quality assurance and good manufacturing practice as defined by ANSI.

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