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on POF, what is the biggest issue with finding and keeping a relationship in todays day & age in your mind?

I think we just don't know how to hold it together, especially when it's really, really hard to.

So many happy testimonials vs.lonely people in POF in 2007.

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Popular people of both sexes continuously use words like "enjoy" and "good". Many of us join dating sites in our darkest hours, but note the complete absence of words like "lonely" or "desperate".

So what do these popular cheerleader types do when they’re not being "happy" with their "friends" and loving things?

If you said you liked marathon running or rock climbing, potential partners might feel they could not readily join in. Popular women hardly ever mention the terrifying word "relationship". And none of the popular men or women ever uses two other words that could spread fear and alarm: "commitment" and - gasp!

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Don't think there are many left that want to invest the time in a relationship.

Maybe it's due to the (here in america) ridiculous number of deceptions that tie in with a relationship.

(attractive, romantic, thoughtful, etc) I never thought I’d end up on a dating site The language of popular internet daters Telegraph Dating has conducted a study of the top 200 words used in the profiles of the men and women who attracted most interest from the opposite sex.

The words turn out to be relentlessly, almost spookily, positive. Negativity of any kind is a definite turn-off for prospective lovers.

So, instead of figuring out how to hold it together, or deciding to finally do the work, we just toss them out and find someone new. I have to agree with funny girl ,wash ,rinse, repeat and throw in the towel.(I like that saying BTW ) There are so many singles,greener grass and all that.

So ,so ,so many just looking for sex,male and female,with the way the job market is today ,most people are so busy, I guess sex is the easy way out for alot of folks.

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