Livesexmumbai - My christian daughter is dating a muslim

One evening in 2003, I was studying at the university library in London, Ontario, when I happened to notice an older man.

From his chassidic garb, he looked like a religious Jew.

Growing up in Kuwait, I had the best of everything.

My father owned a successful construction company, and provided us five children with amenities like piano lessons, swimming, calligraphy and trips all over the world.

My curiosity was aroused, so I approached him and asked, "Are you Jewish? We exchanged a few words and then he asked about my background.

" With a gentle smile on his face, he said, "No, but I like to dress this way." I didn't know whether he was joking or not. My family history is pretty complex, and I get a headache every time I have to explain it all.

We were on vacation when Saddam Hussein invaded and annexed Kuwait.

My father's business – along with much of the country – was ravaged. We could not go back to Kuwait, so we immigrated to Canada.

My father did manage to sneak back in for a few days to retrieve important business documents that would later be useful in recovering compensation from a United Nations fund.

Of my family, I’m the only one who stayed in Canada.

But according to Jewish law, you’re Jewish, since Jewish identity is transmitted by the mother.” My head started to spin and memories of my childhood in Kuwait began to surface.

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