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"When a woman walks into a pharmacy with a birth-control prescription from her doctor, she should walk out with the medication—without intimidation, delay, or harassment," the organisation states.• Across the country, federal and state bans and restrictions on abortion are commonplace.

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A Pentagon study estimates the number of sexual assaults each year in the US army is close to 19,000.

In a study, over two-thirds of women working in football say that they had experienced sexism in the workplace.• Let's not forget the pay gap between men and women that means men earn considerably more than women in the workplace.

Over the past two years, women have defied that ban and published videos and photos of themselves driving cars as part of the #Women2Drive campaign.

• According to local press in New Zealand earlier this year, a woman was banned from playing in a Southland-wide club rugby competition.• It was only after national outrage that an 11-year-old football player – who was kicked off her local Catholic Youth Organisation football team because she was a girl – was allowed to play again.• Dutee Chand, a teen from India, was banned from the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games because she had hyperandrogenism, which is the presence of high levels of testosterone in the body.

• In fact, there is a Tumblr called When Women Refuse that is dedicated to documenting real-life occurrences of what happens when a woman rejects a man.

• In Saudi Arabia, women are banned from driving a car.

Every so often I have to take a break from watching the news, reading the political posts, and seeing the insanity that is engulfing this country.

We are getting close to a time of the year where some good deals can be had. School Supplies – Next month stores will be having huge sales to lure teachers and parents – and grandparents too – into stores t... The American Red Cross does some fantastic work helping people across this country in time of disaster and strife. I am hoping to get the site going again and will be posting a couple times per week. Time and resources have to be provided to do it right... I am sitting here watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead and listening to the ice fall outside.

This was after a 16-year-old girl killed herself after being raped and forced to marry the man who had raped her.• According to Women Under Siege, "many nations still have rape-marriage policies that force the survivor to marry her perpetrator in effect.

These include Venezuela in Latin America, Indonesia in Asia, Cameroon and Chad in Africa, and Denmark and Russia in Europe." Earlier this year, a new law in Afghanistan that would silence victims of violence against women was implemented.

Recently, Ghoncheh Ghavami and fellow protesters were arrested for demanding to be allowed into a stadium in Tehran.

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