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And truthfully, that's the only way she'll survive Nick Miller.

Six months into the year and I think it’s safe to say that the adrenaline junkie in me needs a break from near-death experiences and action-charged dates.

Vincent starring Melissa Mc Carthy and Bill Murray and 2012 indie film Hello I Must Be Going (which you should definitely check out).

But these are probably her most memorable roles: In Girls, Lee appeared in a few episodes playing the role of Soojin, Booth Jonathan's obnoxious assistant who later returned in Season 3, uttering gems of lines like "Bitch, you're stealing all the Mochi," and making Marnie feel extremely jealous and self-conscience when she reveals she's opening her own gallery thanks to help from her parents. Apparently Lee got the part after Girls creator Lena Dunham saw her in an Off-Broadway play entitled 4000 Miles (did I mention that Lee was also a talented stage actress?

I’ve always loved the Thai culture, traditions and healing practices.

New to the Zen Buddhism way of life – which encourages balance and holistic treatment for mind, body and soul – I was eager to give this a try.

My body and mind still need to recover from my anxiety-fuelled shark cage dive last month.

As fun as it undoubtedly was, I have to admit it’s taking a toll on me.

The show's wild child was supposed to be Natasha Lyonne and would co-star Ellen Burstyn and Lee as Lyonne's best friend. Thankfully, Lee is getting her last laugh by appearing as Kai on New Girl.

Nick may be getting a love interest, but we'll get to see if Kai is just as happy, warm, and patient as her father.

Lee met Amy Schumer during an audition for a Noah Baumbach movie, according to an interview Lee did with Entertainment Weekly.

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