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Maybe it’s been a few years; you’re not new to this parenting thing any more. It’s the logical outcome of the presence in your home of another person — a demanding, high-maintenance person whom you must feed and constantly cater to.

In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve settled into a nice routine that involves sleeping in occasionally and even getting out of the house without the kids once or twice a month. And even after your mother-in-law leaves, there’s still the baby.

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Newlywed game questions for dating couples

Depending on your results, you may also need a place to sleep tonight. Repeated utterances of: No hablo inglés, señor/señora! Look at your spouse: How long has he/she been wearing those relaxed-fit pants? What did you give your spouse for your most recent anniversary?

Give yourself one point for each answer that correctly matches that of your spouse. (Note: Participants who answer, “Seven of the most enjoyable minutes of the day, heh heh,” or words to that effect, must deduct two points — even if it’s true.

(Just one note: We use the term “spouse” throughout the quiz. Repeated viewings of The Wiggles performing the same songs you just heard them sing on the CD Repeated reminders that, according to the perverse laws that govern our society, if you were to punch each of The Wiggles in the face, it would be you who’d be arrested 6.

We mean for the word to cover all its potential synonyms, including partner, life partner, significant other, pelvic companion, ball ’n’ chain, dorko, etc.) 1. Non-alcoholic drink Television show Flavour of ice cream Baldwin brother Non-verbal way of conveying displeasure with you (Note: One point per question) 2. When was the last time you were up past midnight together outside the house?

We had a lot of fun talking about what day of our marriage is our favorite besides our wedding (we both picked two different days during our honeymoon) and we got a good laugh from talking about the worst gift we ever got from the other (in the beginning, my husband gave me frozen pizzas for my birthday, which were a replacement for the ones he stole out of my fridge the week before).

This might be Bryan’s favorite date night that we’ve ever done, so I’m adding it back into our 14 Days of Love for February this year which is a commitment we make to spend more time together in February with date nights at home.

(If your spouse works from home, name three people in workplace whom she/he thinks are jerks.) 9. (Note: If you are parents of very young children, your spouse’s eyes are, of course, red. In the laundry room In someone else’s laundry room In the car, with the clock running on the babysitter who is waiting unwittingly inside In a jail cell, after being arrested for having sex in the car with the clock running on the babysitter In bed 11. If you walked into a multiplex where the following films were playing, which would your spouse go to see first? If your spouse were lost while driving in a foreign city, he/she would most likely: Pretend not to be lost Stop and ask for directions Stop and buy a map Find a way to blame you 17.

When, precisely, was the last time you and your spouse had a conversation that wasn’t about soccer practice or whose turn it is to return the overdue video? When was the last time you and your partner made love? If presented with the following options, which would your spouse select?

So yes, there may be times when you long to return to that same intimate relationship with your spouse.

Problem is, there may be just as many times when you look across the dinner table and think to yourself, “Who is that? The contestants had only recently been married, and most didn’t have children.

” This is especially likely to happen on days when you are so exhausted that you’ve accidentally walked into the wrong house. It was a television game show on which newly married couples would attempt to win exciting prizes and let an international TV audience know the precise coordinates of where last they had sexual intercourse. They spent all of their time together, which greatly increased the chances of matching answers to such gripping questions as: Does your spouse prefer waxed or non-waxed dental floss?

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